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...and so is your practice!

There are so many reasons why we may want to practice in a private setting... whether it is to  explore a specific side of the practice, receive tailored adjustments and advices, or because we feel safer in a one-on-one setting... or even just for practical reasons!

You are unique!

My personalised offers:

Hatha yoga class (online or in person in Toulouse): For you who have a tight schedule and can't join a group class, or want to work on technique, alignement and receive personalized feedback. From 70€/hour
Restorative and yoga nidra practice (online or in person in Toulouse): If you want support to invite constructive rest in your day, with a practice specially designed for your specific physical and mental/emotional needs, with a Nidra written just for you. From 70€/hour.
Yoga therapy session (online or in person in Toulouse): For you who want to address specific issues such as pain, posture, and help in your recovery process. If the session is done in person, it can include specific hands-on adjustments inspired by thai massage. From 70€/hour.
Questions about how these offers might suit you?
Book your free discovery call and we'll discuss how we can work together!
Breath coaching 4-weeks program: 
We all know that breathing is essential to life. What most people don't know is that breathing well is crucial to sustain optimal health, and breathing dysfunctions are extremely common. Most of us breathe in a shallow manner, underusing their respiratory muscles, and overusing others, leading to muscle strain and pain, restricted breathing passageways, poor respiratory function, and other common symptoms such as poor sleep, digestive issues, low energy levels, dysregulated nervous system and more.
With this 4-week coaching program you will learn 3 simple techniques to implement throughout the day to dramatically improve your function and wellbeing.  You will have access to guidance and recordings in-between our weekly meetings to help you with your practice.

Price: 149€
Book your free discovery call to see how this program may suit your needs
Gravity yoga 4-weeks program: 
This program is designed for people who want to improve their flexibility. Lack of mobility and flexibility can lead to a loss of function, pains and aches and is important to address. This program builds on a specific stretching method known to be particularly effective to allow muscles and soft tissues to release tension and open up the body.

Caution: This program is not suitable for hypermobile people. 
With this 4-week coaching program you will learn several stretching sequences targetting one or several areas of your body, depending of your needs. You will have access to recordings of this sequences to guide you, and we will meet once a week to keep track of your progress.

Price: 149€
Book your free discovery call to see how this program may suit your needs
Yoga for scoliosis coaching and mentoring
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My signature programs:

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