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A vision - a journey - a safe and sacred space


The journey

I started sharing my journey through life with scoliosis and my experience of yoga as a healing modality in 2014 with a blog called "Back on Track". Soon, this blog, which first served as a self-inquiry tool, led me to deepen my practice with my first yoga teacher training. From that moment I knew I had something to share, I knew my mission was to be of service, and I started the process of specializing in what is commonly known as "yoga for scoliosis". After years of practice, teaching groups and individuals I realized 2 things:
-First, that I had unknowingly developed my own unique approach or twist to "yoga for scoliosis" that differentiated itself from others by its non-dogmatic blend of a variety of tools and methodologies gathered from Yoga therapy and other approaches such as fascia therapy, Feldenkrais method, Alexander technique, Foundation training, Egoscue method, Somatic healing, breathwork and more.
-Second, the work - and feedback from clients - led me to get a deeper sense of Why  I do this work, what I love about it, my core values and my strengths... and I realized that to truly be of service I needed to put that at the center of my offerings: The core of my work is to create a space for the whole self to be held and heard, beyond scoliosis, beyond the spine's curvature and the diagnosis. 
This is how SCOLIOLISTIK came to life.

A holistic approach

to scoliosis care and wellness


The vision

"Yoga" means "union".
Union of the mind and the body, union between us and our environment, the inside and the outside, and between eachother.
Union that allows us to be fully present in the here and now, and harmonize our values with our words and actions.
It is both a goal, a state to experience, as well as a practice, that goes beyond what happens on the yoga mat.
Even if it is just for a minute, overcoming the artificial separation between body, mind and spirit, and finding ourselves whole  - one practice at a time - can be of tremendous support on our healing journeys - with and without scoliosis.

This is what SCOLIOLISTIK is all about: creating experiences that will guide you back home to yourself.

The space

We all need and deserve to feel safe and that we belong.
I believe in community and in our ability to empower and heal ourselves and eachother.
SKOLIOLISTIC welcomes you as you are - whether you have scoliosis or not
- whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner -
this space is OURS!

The membership

This is a space specially designed for people living with scoliosis who want to:
-understand what scoliosis is, how it is held together with the rest of their body, and how it affects them.
-learn practical tools to help them in their journey, such as exercises, and other somatic based practices
-connect with others through workshops and circles to share their experiences and feel less alone

The blog

In the blog you will get to know me a little more in depth - I share my personal journey with scoliosis, my views
on yoga as a healing modality, practical self-help tools, insights about scoliosis, the mind-body connection
and other lifestyle tips that are close to my heart...
But it also welcomes YOUR story: If you want to be a contributor to the blog, please get in touch!
Let us make this a place to inspire eachother with our stories, perspectives, knowledge and experiences!

Real-life meetings

Nothing beats meeting in person!  Let's sit and move together, listen and hold space for each other. Check my calendar for information about all my events and classes.

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