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Human, Yoga teacher, forever student and adventurer at heart

Hello, I'm Léa

I am a 37 years old yoga teacher based in Toulouse, France. I am originally from Paris, where I was born and raised, but I am also half Norwegian and I have lived most of my twenties in Norway!

I have a background in social work and early childhood education, I am passionate about languages (I speak 4 fluently), travelling and discovering the world (Mexico is my other home), and most of all, I absolutely adore learning and studying! 

My curious mind never tires of expanding and explore all that life can be and become - as the big, unpredictable, rich and fragile adventure that it is.

I am both a thinker, and a doer - I feel deeply and I do my best to act from the heart - I love cultivating a wild spirit and a childlike enthusiasm for the smallest things! I want to see life in all its colours, and live it with passion, with all its contrasts and contradictions! experiencing this duality - and finding the space in the middle, the space where magic happens... accepting all of who i am... This is the essence of my healing journey.

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My beautiful curvy spine

I have lived with scoliosis - a condition of the spine that makes it curve sideways and rotate on its own axis - for over 25 years.
These are my curves, shaping my spine like an S, or a snake, or a river...
I could think of so many metaphors to decribe what it means to me, how it has transformed my life and shaped me into who i am!
If living with scoliosis has been, at several periods of my life, a struggle or even a fight, exhausting and confusing, it has now become a dialogue through which Scoliosis and I learn to be friends, teaching and listening to eachother.
Who would have thought this scoliosis would lead to so many adventures, encounters, bring so much richness and depth into my life, and even open the door of yoga to me, allowing me today to guide others through their own journey! I am so grateful and in such awe for all that life can be...

Hatha yoga Teacher Training, 200h

Om Shanti retreat center, Mexico

Reiki practitioner training, level 1 & 2,

Reiki Sammasati, Mexico

Restorative yoga and yoga Nidra Teacher Training, 21h,

Atman Yogaschool, Oslo

Yogastrology Initiation Training, 16h,

Tonje Næss, Oslo

YogaTrapeze® Teacher Training, 50h

Yoga Teachers College®, Barcelona

Yoga Therapy Teacher Training, 26h,

with Mark Stephens, Trondheim

Thai massage Initiation Training,

Karuna Bodywork, Oslo

Advanced Dynamic Thai massage Training,

Karuna Bodywork, Poland

El curso definitivo para la escoliosis,

Online course, FisiomYoga, Barcelona

Breath Coach Teacher Training, 15h

Yoga Teachers College®

Gravity Yoga® Teacher Training, 25h

Yoga Teachers College®

Clinical Somatics for Scoliosis,

Online course, Somatic Movement Center

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Courses and certifications

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