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Look at this beautiful curvy spine!


Is this you?

Are you ready to dive deep into your amazing body?

To understand and feel how smart and powerful it is?

To learn about how it works and what it needs so that you can best honour it, honour yourself?

Are you curious to see for yourself how you can support this beautiful curvy spine of yours?

How you can make it your friend, your ally?

Are you open to experiment, change, grow, and learn practical tools to enhance your wellbeing and live your life to the fullest?

Are you ready to gain control over your own health?


Then this course is for you!

I believe knowledge is power and understanding how our body works, why it behaves certain ways and what to do to support it and for what reasons, are incredibly powerful tools to integrate self care practices into our daily lives and maintain motivation and discipline over time. It is also empowering and enhances our ability to be in charge of our own health.

The course is paced and organized along modules. The modules address different aspects of practicing with scoliosis and build on eachother. Each lesson allows you to experiment with different exercises to let you find out which practice is a better fit for you. This allows you to buid a toolbox of a variety of exercises to practice in your daily life.

Exercise is powerful, but it only works if you do it!

Therefore, you will get a practice file that comes with a sample schedule to help you follow along the course and make it easier for you to practice everyday.

What you will learn


-How your spine relates, depends on and influences the rest of your body.

-How to check yourself for imbalances and function.

-The most beneficial order in which exercises should be performed

-Specific stretching and strengthening exercises for your scoliosis.

-6 methods for stretching, releasing tension and improving mobility in your body

-How correcting the way your body functions is all about the brain!

-How to correct your posture and exercise with better alignment.

-How to use different props to support or correct your curve.

-How to modify yoga poses to fit your needs.


and much more...

What you will need


-A yoga or exercise mat (a regular thick carpet can also work)

-A chair

-A pillow or cushion

-2 yogablocks (or equivalent)

-1 yogabelt (or any kind of long strap)

-3 small towels (or thick rolled pairs of socks)

-A dowel (or broomstick)

-A blanket

-A wall

-Pen and paper

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