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I am thinking about you...


… You who have a curvy spine and wants to takes care of her...

... You who struggle with body image and self esteem - with stress and anxiety, you who are worried about the future, 

... You who just got diagnosed and need help understanding what is going on in your body and in the doctor's office, 

... You who are wearing a brace but need support to find the discipline to wear it, or have been told to "wait and see" but want to do something about it already, 

... You who exercise and are physically active but would like help to adapt these activities to your scoliosis,

... You who always feel too busy, and need support to create space in your day to day to take care of yourself,  

... You who feel alone with your diagnosis and need someone to talk to.... 


I am thinking of you because I have been there, i have felt alone, scared, ashamed, i have felt the need to do something but without knowing where to start,  i have struggled wearing a brace, finding the discipline to exercise, i have been in paralyzing pain physically and emotionally... and slowly, one step at a time i have worked my way through it, learning dozens of tools on the way, and i am here to share them with you.

Here are 3 ways to work with me privately:

It's your journey but you're not alone

1. Private classes

Individual private classes (online or in-person) last an average of 60 minutes and are here for you who want to dive into specific aspects of yoga for scoliosis. 

Examples of what this class can be used for:

-Learn tools to cope with a sensitive area of your body, or a particular issue you would like to improve: Pain, stiffness, lack of mobility, balance, strength, etc.

-Work on/explore on practices you already have learnt to improve execution, technique, adjust them to fit your evolving needs and situation.

-Receive hands-on adjustments and bodywork inspired from Thai massage techniques to release tension and enhance both proprioception, body-awareness and wellbeing (in Toulouse).

-Find ways to improve your daily organization, training schedule, motivation and discipline, or cope with other mental or emotional challenges.

Price: From 50€/hour (discounts for returning students)

Location: Online or in-person (in Toulouse)

Book your free 15-min discovery call HERE

2. The scoliosis intensive

The Scoliosis Intensive is a one-to-one 2 hour-long class that I like to describe as hybrid between a private class and a workshop.

It is designed for you who want to dive deeper into your specific scoliosis and understand how it affects and is affected by your whole body as well as make sens of what your core needs are in terms of your scoliosis care.

The Scoliosis intensive comes with a 3-month access to our membership platform with access to in-depth courses and a video library of exercises adapted to scoliosis.

Price: 149€/session (discount for returning students)

Location: Online or in-person (Toulouse)

Book your free 15-min discovery call HERE

After 25 years of living with scoliosis, experimenting with dozens of treatments and therapy programs, going through the ups and downs of teenage years and early adulthood, and finally discovering yoga, mindfulness, meditation and working with other people with scoliosis… after all of this, I finally uncovered what I, as a person dealing with scoliosis, had been missing all this time: a holistic program bringing mental, emotional and physical wellbeing together, as the one unit that it really is.

So then I decided: I will create this program myself! Because if I missed it in my time, I am sure others would find some relief and comfort in being guided and supported through the many challenges scoliosis can bring to their lives….

In case you don’t have that person close to you who can listen, hold space for you and give you the support you are looking for, this is my way of offering you to be that person.

Léa,31-05-2021,KarolinaB(165) (1)_edited.jpg
3. My unique coaching and mentoring program

Are you ready to step into your power?


I am a firm believer that knowledge is power and that to free ourselves from something we must first understand it. So we will. We will unpack the little and the big things involving living with scoliosis. The technical things, anatomy, techniques, courses of action.

And explore the things that are often kept silent... who you are beyond your diagnosis, who you are in essence.

Exercises, breathwork, constructive rest, and other mindfulness and somatic practices, pieced together to help you live your best life, with ease and joy, mentally, emotionally and physically, with an enhanced sense of harmony and peace.

And with scoliosis as your ally.

One program - three pillars
helping hand.jpg

Understanding - Guidance - Connection

As your Coach and mentor i commit to build a safe space where you can feel fully supported and listened to. Our stories are unique, but i will do my best to put my experience with scoliosis at your service. It is a space built on trust and non-judgement for your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Once in the program you will have access to me through email or whatsapp 5 days a week so that you never feel alone. You will get weekly follow up emails with reminders, practices, advices and more...

I will share with you my favourite health and wellbeing resources related to scoliosis and more... as well as my experiences with  therapies that may suit you!

Strekk med blokk

Exercise - Breathe - Restore

Based on your particular scoliosis and overall physical needs, we will tailor an exercise program through which i will lead you step by step. This program will combine my extensive knowledge and experience with yoga for scoliosis, schroth therapy, posture therapy, clinical somatics, pilates and more.

Breathing properly is vital for us with scoliosis.

I will teach you several techniques to help expand and correct some areas affected by the scoliosis, increase your lung capacity, improve oxygenation and others to relax, relieve stresss and anxiety, and energize.

Mindfulness practices and journaling are central to the program to assist you in mapping your feelings, identify your needs, build resilience and achieve your goals of emotional mental and physical wellbeing.


Learn - Organize - Balance

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the technical and practical terms of the diagnosis, the vocabulary, the measurements, the prognosis, the standard treatment options and procedures. I will guide you through it so that you can  feel more empowered to take charge of your health on the long run.  

Finding space and time to take care of ourselves daily can be challenging. I'm here to help you create small routines and self care habits to make it easier for you to make your wellbeing a priority.


This includes inviting constructive rest into our day, which is vital to reduce stress and inflammation in the body as well as restore our cells to their best function. Even more crucial when we have scoliosis and need support to replenish ourselves of energy to  tackle the day and live life to the fullest!

photo walking_edited.jpg

This program can last from 4 weeks to 12 weeks and includes:

-Weekly or bi-weekly meetings (online or in-person in Toulouse)

-Detailed plans and calendars to support you in-between meetings

-Recordings and videos with practices tailored to your needs and goals

-Access to a private online space to help you stay on track

-3-month-access to the membership platform (with courses and on-demand exercise library)

Price: from 449€/ (discount for returning students)

Location: Online or in-person (Toulouse)

This program is meant to be tailored to your needs and goals, and there is no one-size-fits-all "formula". Fill the form below and I will contact you to plan a free discovery call where we will be able to see if this program would suit you and how to make it work for you!

Let's plan a free discovery call!

Thank you! I will contact you shortly

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