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Both giving and receiving a Thai massage is a journey into presencing our body, and the subtle flows of breath and energy within and throughout our inner landscapes.

The Thai massage is performed on the floor using slow paced but deep pressures from hands, elbows, knees and feet, these pressures can be static, or dynamic, movements and stretches engaging the whole body into rocking motions, creating waves of ripple-like vibrations that help create space and movement in our soft tissues and articulations.


Although it can be an intense experience, it is meant to be deeply relaxing, a practice of surrendering and learning to listen to what is subtly and often unconsciously held together by our physical and energetical bodies.


It is a reciprocal exchange between giver and receiver where respectful, sensible communication is key. As a giver I work both pragmatically and intuitively, combining techniques to best suit your needs. The goal is always to respect your body’s needs and the place you are at both physically, emotionally and energetically at the moment of the session.


A session starts with a short talk where I can get a sense of your expectations and needs. A typical massage will take a whole body approach, although this can be adapted to your wishes. After the massage you can expect feeling deeply relaxed and with an enhanced sense of presence both physically and mentally.


Some of the benefits of Thai massage:

-release tension

-stimulate circulation

-improve range of motion

-lower stress

Because i am still in training, my prices are exceptionally low (new prices from summer 2021)

60 min. session


90 min. session


pack of 4 

-10% on total price

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