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Embark on this healing journey

with SCOLIOLISTIK and you will...

-Understand... with each class, with each practice you will understand a little more about yourself, how your body is held together and how you can honour it.

-Move... in a way that not only feels good, but also teaches you, challenges you, and brings you forward.

-Release... tensions, all that is stucked , physically and emotionally, so that you can free your spine, your tissues, let go of what doesn't serve you and make space for the new!

-Breathe... like really breathe, you know the kind of breath that really makes you feel alive, that fills every single cell of your body with energy and allows your body and your mind to expand...

-Get stronger... you will learn how to find your core, literally and metaphorically, and stand tall, strong and confident with your curvy spine as your ally.

-Learn to rest, really rest... regulating the nervous system and restoring at a deeper level relieves emotional stress and even pain!

-Build a practice... I am here to support you in integrating all you learn in my courses into your daily life, so that taking care of yourself can become a natural part of your daily habits.

-Feel empowered... nothing beats the feeling of being in charge of one's own life! the combination of knowing who you are and what to do to help yourself is a recipe for success!

SCOLIOLISTIK's scoliosis courses will teach you:


-To understand your curve pattern

-To test yourself for imbalances and function

-The physiology of your specific scoliosis and the main muscles influencing your posture and spine

-Different methods to release tension, increase elasticity and elongate muscles.

-A variety of exercises to create balance, stabilize, and strengthen your spine and overall body.

-Breathing techniques, to improve respiratory function, derotate the spine and promote relaxation.

-How to sequence your exercises.

-How to modify yoga poses to support or even correct your curve

-How to use props to support and correct your posture


and much more...

Let's learn about scoliosis

and understand how we can use Yoga as a tool in our everyday life!

It is when I started to understand how my scoliosis and its intricate connections with the rest of the body's systems, that something shifted for me and that self-care practices and other treatments started to leave deeper and more longlasting results on my health, wellbeing and life in general.

This is why I am now sharing my knowledge and experience with you, through on-demand courses, private coaching, and now this new space: Live workshop and webinars


I am Léa, I am a certified yoga teacher, specializing in therapeutic yoga for scoliosis! Click on the picture to read more about me and my vision!

This space is


-An opportunity to dive deeper into topics related to scoliosis with both theory and practice.

-A place to share experiences and ask questions.

-A way to keep up the motivation to practice and take care of yourself.


How does it work?


-Every few weeks I offer a webinar/workshop with a new topic.

-You can choose to attend the meeting "Live" or watch the recording later.

-You can chose to enroll to one webinar/workshop at a time or become a member of Back on Track Yoga and have unlimitted access to all webinars and other courses.

-The meetings happen on ZOOM

-After you enroll you receive an email with all the information you need to join the meeting.

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