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Hello, I'm Léa

Human, Yoga teacher, forever student and adventurer at heart

I am a yoga teacher and practioner based in Toulouse, France - here to share

my love for yoga, as a practice, tool, and philosophy.

As a yoga practitioner I am first and foremost a student: my natural curiosity leads me to continuously seek knowledge and expand my understanding of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions that constitute us as humans - I am fascinated by the magic of the mind-body connection.


As a person dealing with scoliosis since childhood, experience has taught me that integrating the physical experience within holistic perspectives on health, life and wellbeing, both empowers and connects, with oneself and others.

As a teacher I seek to build on my personal journey to create and share meaningful experiences with others.


A vision - a journey - a safe and sacred space

This space is born from my personal experiences and exploration of living Life - in all colours, richness, depth and challenges - with scoliosis, and the desire to put all of theses at the service of others.

With SCOLIOLISTISK I seek to share the benefits of yoga -the practice, the path and the philosophy- with others and serve as a guide to navigate the sometimes tumultuous waters of life with scoliosis.

Ways to work with me...

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Atelier Yoga aérien restauratif
Samedi 27 avril 15h-16h30
(à la maison de la danse, Toulouse)

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